Welcome to my MUD. Yeah, I know, just another MUD you say? You've seen them all before? You play one, you've played them all. Not any more. For an explanation see the MUD's history.

I'm sure everybody has watched T.V. and dreamed of their favorite show not having commercials, but it is inevitable, a lot of your time is spent watching stuff you would rather not. The Internet is turning into the same thing. Everywhere you go you are constantly bombarded with advertisements. It seems everybody is out to make a buck. You will not see any advertisements in my web spaces or in the game, unless for the game itself. I fund this completely out of my own pocket. My purpose is to have others benefit and enjoy themselves as a direct result of my efforts and not be distracted by maneuvers to make money. Making money is easy. Making a good MUD server, now that is a real challenge.